Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Fever Series

My Absolute Favorite Series!!
I have put off doing this review b/c this series if my favorite and I do not feel like I can do it justice.   Karen Marie Moning does an awesome job of describing her world to the point of you feeling like you are there and of course she constantly leaves you gasping and wanting more.  This series will technically end up with 10 books.  We have the first 5 out written from Mac's POV.  These are the original Fever books. Now there is the first of 3 books out written from Dani's POV and we are supposed to get 2 more installments from Mac. I am not going to review all of the books b/c I don't want to give anything away.

This book starts out with MacKayla "Mac" Lane at home in Georgia worshipping the sun. She gets a phone call from Dublin telling her that her sister Alina has been murdered. Obviously her family is destroyed by this news. Mac finds out that Alina left her a voicemail just hours before being killed. The voicemail is a rambling from Alina telling Mac there was so much she doesn't know and everything depends on them finding the Sinsar Dubh. After just a couple of weeks they learn that the Dublin Garda (police) are sending her case to the cold case department.  Mac does not think that they have given her sister's case the time and attention that it needs. She finally decides to take matters into her own hands when her parents just seem to shut down and goes to Dublin to investigate herself.  Now you have to know that Mac is a pretty in pink blond Southern Belle and of course setting off for Ireland is probably not the best idea but you have to love that she refuses to let her sister's murderer run free.
So Mac makes it to Dublin and finds out that it is a totally different world than small town Georgia.  She realizes (with some help) that she can see the Fae and there is the problem of them coming to our world from Faery.  Mac tries to figure out what Alina was talking about in her message and ends up lost one day.  She is walking in a bad area of town and finally makes it out right in front of Barrons' Book and Baubles. She walks in and asks about the Sinsar Dubh.  Of course the enigmatic owner happens to hear her and she is introduced to Jericho Barrons*sigh*.
Basically Mac learns that the Sinsar Dubh is a book and just about everyone she meets is looking for it. Most people are trying to find it b/c the walls between Man and Faery are weaking and that is how the Fae are getting through. If the walls are not strengthen they will fall and our world will never be the same. 
I am not going to tell you anymore for fear of telling you too much...I feel like I have already. I will give the series on a whole 5 stars but each book is different.  Darkfever is a great introduction into this world.  I mean you get to meet a slew of characters and let me tell you in my imagination all the guys HOT HOT!!! I mean you get to meet Barrons-dark hair dark eye mystery man, Christian-adorable Scot, dreamy eyed guy-description speaks for itself and V'lane-Death by Sex Faery Prince-yes please!!  I will give Darkfever a 4.7. 
For me this is the weakest book in the series and was the hardest for me to get through. I actually stopped reading the series for a long time after this one. I will give this one a 3.7.
This one got me back into the series and I was enjoying it again. Of course this one left you with your mouth hanging open and going WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!???!!!  I believe I finished this book about 1AM and thankfully had my Nook so I could go straight into the next book. This book is a 4.9.
I could not put this book down!!! It is action packed from the first. I think this is my favorite even though again it ended with some tears and anger. Unfortunately for me the next installment was not out yet. I think I had to wait about 6 months. It was pure torture and I was so emotionally distraught I finally got my friends to read it so that I could talk about it. This book is a 5!
This is the last book from Mac's POV for now and I love it. I think I read this book in a day and was so all over the place emotionally.  I can't even begin to tell you. I will give this book a 5 as well. If Dreamfever is my favorite then Shadowfever is a close second.

This is the first of the Dani Trilogy.  You get to see Dublin from her POV and it picks up just after Shadowfever ends.  I was really excited about this book and I am very glad she wrote it. I am not a huge Dani fan and I was not 100% satisfied with this book. I am of course still sitting in anticipation for the next book. Karen Marie Moning is the best at leaving you hanging.  I will give this book a 4.
Obviously I can't go on enough about this series. It has everything.  READ THIS SERIES!!!!!!

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