Thursday, January 24, 2013

That Boy & That Wedding by Jillian Dodd

That Boy

So I apologize for taking so long before writing this review...Darra forgot to mention I was out with a migraine! Anyways, I think that Jillian Dodd did an awesome job with this book. 

This book is focused on a girl, JJ and her 2 best friends, Phillip and Danny.  The story starts as JJ is a child and she lives across the street from Phillip. Their parents are best friends and so of course JJ & Phillip are raised together. There are the obligatory naked baby pics of them together and everything!  Danny and his family move in next door to JJ and he tries to steal Phillip away. So being totally awesome, JJ punches Danny in the face and he accepts her as one of the guys.  The 3 of them stay best friends from childhood, junior high, high school, college and into REAL life.  There are some definite ups and downs...such as the first kiss, the first spin the bottle, the first make-out session...through it all the 3 are there together, but at the end of the day there is only That Boy.

I really love this book. I think that Jillian Dodd did a great job making you fall in love with all 3 characters. I like seeing a girl that is not a total moron and JJ is not. Don't get me wrong...she is a little slow sometimes but hey, remember what you were like in high school!  I mean who can't get on board with living on the same street as your 2 best friends that happen to grow up into 2 of the hottest guys in town! I mean we have Danny the super hot QB and Phillip the sweet and quietly hot receiver. Seriously, why didn't this happen to me?  Anyways, you get to grow up with them and I personally wasn't a 100% who I wanted That Boy to be but I can't lie...I was so happy when I found out who he is!  And yes I cried...I really hate admitting that I am a wuss but there you go...NO JUDGING!

Obviously I will not be telling you who That Boy was because it will ruin the story so I am going to be totally generic in this review.  I liked this book but I do like the first one better. 

In this one, they are planning That Wedding!  You get to see JJ deal with some issues that are lingering from her childhood that she has not dealt with. You get to see how she freaks out and how That Boy continues to help her and makes her see that she is a strong person and he is 100% there for her. The other boy is still in her life and you get to see how her relationship with him continues to grow.  Some old flames show up as well to go ahead and throw a wrench in the wedding planning. 

I think I will give That Boy 4.5 stars (PS look for the rating system to change)  and That Wedding gets 4 stars.  If you are looking for a book that will give you warm fuzzies, make you laugh, make you cry and of course make you sigh then read these books. I mean Phillip is one of the dreamiest guys I have read about and again all I can say about Danny is QB!  


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