Monday, January 21, 2013

Dark House (Experiment in Terror #1)

Hello All!
I finished the book finally! It is a mystery ghost story. Perry is the main character and is refreshingly not perfect. She was a cast out in high school and over weight. Now Perry has lost the weight, finished College and is in the work place.

The problem is is that she never had stuck to a particular career. She got her degree and works at a Advertising agency as a receptionist. Bored out of her mind and is just not happy with what she is doing. Even at once, she wanted to be a stunt woman. Obviously that did not work out.

One weekend she goes to her Uncle's house with her family and he owns an old, creepy Lighthouse that has not been in use for decades. It is all boarded up to prevent everyone out. That night, she spends some time with her sister. Which so happens to be the 15 year old perfect teenager. Her being slim, blonde and is all about fashion. Perry and Ada go to hand out with their cousins on the beach.

After awhile she gets bored with sitting around the fire, she decides to take a walk. And ends up gravitating to the Lighthouse. Despite it being boarded up, she finds a window she can pry open. Once she gets in, she doubts her plans to be there. She brought her camera to video what it looks like inside the abandoned builing. Then BAM! She runs into Dex. I will not go into detail about what happens in the lighthouse so you can find out for yourself!

She goes back home and continues with nightmares that do not make sense to her. The Monday after that weekend, she gets a call from Dex. It ends up that Dex works for a online website and wants to shoot a show including her.

That is how I am going to end this! Only know that you find out a little more details about what both Perry and Dex have in common. And more scary situations that does take you by suprise.

I won't lie to you, it was not my favorite book. It may be just me. You will have to ask Sunny what she thought. However I do not regret reading it. I like a scary story every once and awhile.


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