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Balance by Lucia Franco Reviews!


Adrianna Rossi is no stranger to the rigorous demands required of her body. Years of pain and determination make her one of the best. Olympic glory is the ultimate goal, and she'll do anything to achieve it. Even if that means leaving home to attend World Cup Academy of Gymnastics, a training center that serves one purpose—producing champions.

Perfection, precision, and dedication are required of his athletes. When two time Olympian Konstantin Kournakova is persuaded into training the young hopeful, he immediately regrets it. She doesn't come close to his high standards. As the relentless pursuit of her dream keeps her striving, a passion is ignited within him.

Kova's power and domination, coupled with Adrianna's fierce tenacity, reveal there is more for her body to learn. Every interaction can be misconstrued, but there’s no mistaking the darkening of his gaze, the lingering of his touch, or the illicit image of his bare skin pressed against hers. Integrity is on the line. One toe off the beam and their forbidden desires could ruin everything they’ve worked for, throwing it all off balance.

WARNING: This novel contains explicit content.

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Darra's Review:

There were so many emotions I felt reading Balance. I think Lucia hit each one. My mind was all over the place and I can't stop thinking about the ending. Left hanging with all chaos going on in my mind.

Let me start with that this is a major taboo subject. I usually am worried reading these that I cannot get over the situation that occurs. However it is hard to feel appalled when it felt so right. Adrianna is just a 15 year old girl meeting Kova to train what she wants so badly, a chance to be elite. She has lived a life of luxury and has grown up much more quickly than most girls her age. However when she meets Kova, it is an attraction she never thought would happen. She can't help herself. All those emotions catch up with her and wants what she shouldn't have. Despite he is a a-hole.

Kova is a man that has lived a life of struggle but achieved his goal early in his life. Now he owns his great gym with the best athletes. The one thing he was not prepared for is to meet Adrianna. He is enamored with how her drive reflects his own when he was younger. They bond over it and it becomes more than what he is allowed to have. He struggles with what is right and wrong. I am lost for words how he left off with Adrianna at the end.

There will be a follow up book. I had anxiety the entire time reading. There were some insanely hot scenes that blew my mind. Such a connection that deep, it is hard to keep my feelings at bay. She was immature what she did. However he was all over the place. I was so angry at the end, but also scared what was to come. I loved Hayden and he should be the guy that makes a difference in this circumstance. I am conflicted with unresolved feelings. Lucia-How could you do this to me! I can't stop thinking about Balance and have a lump in my throat with where it left off. Lucia's writing was amazing and achieved what every writer wants. To evoke emotions from her readers.

I rate the book a 4.8. Internally dying to read the next book!  

Sunny's Review:

This book seriously gave me so much freaking anxiety. I will say that even though Lucia gives you a warning at the beginning of this book, I was not prepared. I don't want to spoil anything for you but just know that you will probably need to take some small breaks while reading this one. I did read it in 2 days with breaks. It is crazy.

I love and hate the majority of the characters in this book. Adrianna is awesome because she is so focused on making her dreams come true. At 15, she has devoted her life to trying to become an Olympic gymnast and fights her father to move away to get the training she needs. She is living alone and working harder than ever to meet her goals. I love her determination. At the same time, I can't stand her because she is 15 going on 16 thinking that she knows what she wants in life and that she doesn't have to listen to others. Her best friend warns her in this book to stay away from Kova. Kova tells her to stay away from him. The laws tell her to stay away from him!! Kova is so great in some aspects and in others OMG WTF! He obviously cares about his gymnasts and works hard to make them the best that they can be. He has been driven his whole life and it didn't change when he quit competing and became a coach. I absolutely love Hayden. He is a 17 year old gymnast and one of Adrianna's only friends at her new gym. He takes care of her is so many ways. Avery is Adrianna's best friend from home and I like her. Again, she is super young but seems to think that she is an adult. 

So you know from the synopsis this book is about a forbidden relationship. Again, I was warned and I was still not prepared. This books makes you understand why you see so many coaches and athletes end up married and how Kova and Adrianna ended up where they did. Part of me was totally horrified through most of this book but the other part of me was like yeah, I get it. Maybe I would feel the same way.

You have to read this book. Seriously, it will leave you feeling so many things that you would not believe that you are feeling. I am giving this book 4.8 stars out of 5. I need to get my hands on the next book. 


Kova turned around to face me, his broad shoulders pulled back, one hand propped on his hip and the other clenched around his water bottle. "Do you think you are the first gymnast to show wear and tear on their hands from bars? You are not in Palm Beach anymore, malysh—"

Kova visibly tensed, stopping short from his last word. Since I didn't speak a lick of Russian, I didn't have a clue as to what he said. But judging by the alarmed look on his face and the thick air between us, whatever he said couldn't have been good.

Snapping his head to the side, he cracked his neck. "I am not going to go light on you. Get used to it. Nobody said it was going to be easy, it only gets harder from here on out. You need to learn to toughen up and take it. Remember what I said earlier? Prove it to me. Every time you step foot into that gym—make it count. I do not care if your hands hurt or your back is sore or you are running on two hours of sleep. Prove it. Champions are not made by complaining. They are made by the endless pursuit of their dream despite the obstacles they are faced with. Push through it and do it."

I took a minute to let the weight of his words sink in. While an outsider would think they were laced with malice, I knew they weren't. That was the furthest thing from the truth. I knew he was pushing me to be better. Not only to prove it to him, but myself as well. Without a doubt, Konstantin Kournakova was one hundred percent right.

Slowly nodding, I looked into his eyes and said, "You're completely right, but I never expected you to go light on me. That's not what I wanted. That's not why I came here. I want the challenge. I want to be better. It's why I pour every ounce of blood and sweat into a sport that gives me so little in return. The truth is, I've never been challenged by a coach the way I have by you, so I'm learning to adjust to it." I held up my hands and showed him the bloody blisters threatening to pop under my palms. "You won't hear a complaint come from me again."

Kova's shoulders loosened and he blew out a ragged breath. His gaze openly traveled the length of my body, taking in every inch. The way his eyes pierced mine, like he was pleased with my response, made my heart rush against my chest with satisfaction.

Author Bio

A competitive athlete for over ten years, Lucia Franco currently resides in sunny South Florida with her husband and two boys. Paranormal romance was her first love, but she has a soft spot in her heart for small-town and reunion romance stories.

When Lucia is not hard at work on her next novel, you can find her relaxing with her toes in the sand at a nearby beach.

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