Monday, November 7, 2016

RuleBreaker by Kat & Stone Bastion is LIVE!!!!!


Leilani Kealoha wants to be set free. Of family expectations. Of generations of prejudice.
Chafing at rules made by the proud Hawaiian men in her family, she yearns to discover herself and hungers to explore the world. Her adventuresome heart? Longs for something even greater, deeper.
The last thing she expects is an East Coast haole surfer to hold the key to everything.
Mason Price is done walking his parents’ path. Done with social acceptance—with cold politics.
On a surfing quest to reinvent himself, Mase finds an exotic beauty standing on his towel. But it’s her feisty bargaining that catches him off guard. When he challenges her with a “Truth or Shots” drinking game, she unwittingly reveals more than she’d intended about herself…and him.
The raw truth stuns him: She’s suffered like he has, is lost like he is—keeps secrets like he does.
But will young love and shared situations be enough to conquer racial and cultural divides?
Lines in the sand…were meant to be crossed.


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Sunny's Review:

I am very torn on this book. I love the way Kat and Stone Bastion write and I have read the majority of their books. After reading Heart Breaker I thought I would totally fall for this book but I really didn't. I have said that over the last couple of months I have been in a reading slump and nothing has interested me. This could be the reason for lack of feelings on this book. The story is really good. I have read that Hawaiians do not like outsiders and are territorial of their beaches. I can see why Mase had trouble in the beginning. I am not big on surfers so I am not necessarily a big fan of Mase. I did really like him. He has the whole lets make the best of what we have which I really like. Mase does seem a lot older than he is. Leilani is young and has been through some stuff. She is cautious and not wanting to have anything to do with Mase but she is drawn to him. She was not annoying to me but I also didn't really love her. She was very much an average girl to me which is a lot better than an over the top annoying or amazing girl. I did like the deeper messages that were in the book. 

As I said before, I liked the story but I was not in love with the characters. I do think that most people will enjoy this story. I am giving it 4.2 stars out of 5.   

Early Praise for RULE BREAKER:
"A beautifully written novel, that left me philosophical and touched my heart...that resonated with me deeply. My FAVORITE novel by the Bastions so far."
~ Closet Geek Books
"Oh wow, what an outstanding read. I didn't just enjoy, I LOVED it! I feel for the books I read after it because after reading Rule Breaker I felt as though every book should be measured against this one."
~ TJLovesToRead
"I have recommended this series to everyone in my office. I can't stop talking about it...this one will stay with me."
~ Blagica, Goodreads early reviewer
"What a great read! Filled with powerful enchanting, romantic, steamy-hot story with amazing characters who find it in themselves to risk it all for love! I very much enjoyed this book!"
Craves the Angst Reviews
"This book is perfection!
Coyote Ugly Swagger Book Blog
"I tend to avoid books that are set in Hawaii like the plague, it’s a little quirk of mine and has to do with the fact that I am a born and raised Hawaii girl and am a little picky with how my islands are I kept turning the pages my wariness faded away and I before I knew it I felt like I was home. The sights, smells, tastes and sounds were right there in front of me..."
Racial Tensions Flare as Hot as the Passion in RULE BREAKER,

a Modern-day Romeo and Juliet Story

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"Heartrending, passionate, and captivating! Heartbreaker is a riveting page-turner that will leave you breathless with raw emotions, and the need to hold tight to the ones you love!"
Beneath the Covers Blog

"This book has definitely earned its five stars and I am just floored right now. The passion is explosive, the story itself is beautiful, and the emotions are so real my heart is ready to burst. Beautiful book. Absolutely breathtaking."
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