Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Ones That Got Away (The Fish Tales Stories + More) Release

Plenty of fish in the sea. But none like the ones that got away. 

Author Suanne Laqueur gives her readers an intimate, guided tour of the award-winning novel, The Man I Love. From the embryonic chapters written over twenty years ago to scenes cut from the final draft, you’ll witness the crafting of an emotional journey and the evolution of the beloved characters within The Fish Tales. 

Includes never-before-seen material and an excerpt from Laqueur’s next novel, An Exaltation of Larks.


Darra's Review:

This is not really a review. If you haven't checked out my reviews for the first three books of The Fish Tales, you must. I can tell you without a doubt my reviews for Suanne's books are directly from the (Book) heart. Even started writing a novella to explain how much I loved each book. A serious hour commitment of thoughts. I know, deep stuff here.
Totally getting off track. I was more than enthused when I received this book to read. A fist bump in the air and a see ya next week when I finish. At first, I thought this would be filled with a large portion of Will and what happened in the span of the 3 books. Starting from the beginning, I was wrong. It is deleted scenes from all the books. Can you believe there was more? These books are LLOOONNNGGG. And for good reason. How can you not include each part when we are reading about many characters? 
I was once again pulled into these missing scenes that now seem necessary. The best part of this was to read the beginning of Suanne's ideas for the characters. When I started this, Erik was fine. Totally not the same person. Luckily her characters evolved into who they were meant to be and made me much happier for that. 
Am I rambling yet? Yes, I know. Although these scenes didn't make it, I almost feel relieved. There were many characters I did not know much about and now I understand them better. Example Lucky. I liked her, but now that I read the deleted scenes, I get it! Now I understand why Will loved her. 
I do love Will. But the interview, not so much. When you say what happened in his circumstances in a blunt and honest way, it loses a personal touch. Just words. Thank baby Jesus Suanne decided to go further into his point of view. In the life of Will and all who are part of his life. I want to point out that I had no curiosity in his sexual interests. There may be readers that need every gritty detail, but I am not one. I wanted to know Will. And his relationship with Erik is amazing. That is a best friend soul mate. Laughed my ass off about what Will did when Erik had his attention to Daisy. 
This is a great book to read to get the insight of a writer. Her decades of writing this story and how it morphed into what it became. I have never read the behind the scenes book and I am not sure there are many authors that will do this. Which makes this book truly one of a kind.
This book makes me realize, again why I fell in love with this series. The evolution of an author and her characters. 
Thank you for giving us the few pieces that were missing to a fantastic story. This will remain one of my favorites.

Does this really need a rating? Not really, but a 5 out of 5 should suffice.

Read the other books people! This book is not intended as a standalone obviously.


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