Friday, October 24, 2014

Review without Reason..

Needing more Series.

Soooo, Sunny and I have a tendency to download as many books as possible that are currently free. This book being one.

We have way too many books to read. However we just can't help ourselves. We are the epitome of a Book Hoarder.

Anyways, I saw this book was free. Had great reviews on Amazon, so I downloaded it. After a couple of weeks of having this book(I have been on a paranormal/fantasy binge lately), I checked into real life books.

The other day Sunny was complaining about books that are real life and that she was tired of the stories about a girl and boy in love, then something happens and they get separated(cheating maybe). But find each other and have massive amount of babies and marry the most beautiful person in the entire world.

I won't lie, this book has a little of that. However it sucks you in. The story does have a twist so I can't say all of it is the same.

The book is a vortex. Loved the first book. Last night I finished it while I should have been doing Mom things. I had to read the second book. And this is where the problem lies. There is a set of this series for $6 on Amazon. I was looking into buying the books separately, however #2 and #3 were $3. Damn you. I got suckered in.

This is the series box set. Go ahead and buy this. I am being truthful when I say reading book #1 was just not enough.

Great characters with interesting back and forth plot. BTW-for all us older readers(30+), this actually has a part where they are in their 40's. What? I know. I was happy about that.

Links are below. Trust me. Read it.


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