Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Insight by Jamie Magee

Unfortunately Darra is traveling for work and I am home sick. I am trying to figure out how to make my tablet do what I want it to for this review but it is not going so well. It is really frustrating because I absolutely fell in love with this series and want you to read it but this blog today is not going to give the book justice.


Willow has had dreams her whole life about her soul mate.  She also started having nightmares and one fateful night her nemesis marked her. Her father shared a secret with her and her soul mate comes to find her. Her closest friends are consumed by darkness and Willow learns that the moment you are born you receive a divine gift.


I won't lie, I loved this book. Super excited about it and already have read the second book in the series of See. Not trying to be a spoiler but the characters overlap in both books. I love Landon and the fact he comes to see her every night in her dreams is unbelievable. Absolute true love before they meet. Landon does all these things for her before they even meet and it makes your heart melt.

Willow also has nightmares of Drake as well. I can't tell you how he seems to interlock with her life, but it goes back decades. I do like Drake in a deep down dark way. Not all of this is his fault. He has to live with the life that he was given to him. And if that means bringing Willow, the girl he loves, to Hell(essentially) than that is what he has to do.

I do not want to give you more of the story that will ruin it. I love all the characters, Landon's & Willow's family. There is so many things that happen that are unexpected and really I can't compare any other books to this. I like reading books that have a original story. And this series is it.

I could say I recommend the book however that is a understatement. This is a MUST READ. A book that you will non stop read. You can't put it down.
I give this book a 4.5. Can't wait to read the rest of the series!  


I really loved this book. Willow has a gift and tries to help people as she sees them needing her. She finds out her whole life is about to change. The guy in her nightmare marks her so that he can find her. Her parents tell her they are moving to a different world to keep her safe. She figures out a way to get a message to Landen so that he can come find her. I like Willow because she isn't afraid to do what she has to do to live and in the end survive. 

Landen...LOVE him! He has been in Willow's dreams forever. He knows they are soul mates but his family has not allowed him to go look for her. When she gets a message to him he telling him she needs him he goes to her. From that moment they can't be separated. Landen is awesome in that Willow has been it for him since day 1. He built them a house and has basically been waiting for her so they can be together. I mean how perfect can a guy be! 

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series. If you remember we read See by Jamie Magee not too long ago and loved that book too. These series to come together at certain points but then go back to their own lines again . I can't tell you how excited I am to have found these books. They are a little different from what we have been reading and I love it! Seriously go get these books. Darra and I have been trying to fit reading the rest of the books into our schedules. We pulled the blog calendar so that we could find out what review books could be put off. 

Again, sorry this post does not have the link to buy or the giveaway or the pictures...I will get that all up tomorrow...this plague has put me out of commission. (If this is total gibberish I blame the fever).

Come back tomorrow to see a better post and Darra's review.  I would give this book 4.4 stars.

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