Friday, January 29, 2016

Black by TL Smith is LIVE!!!

black release day

I am loyal, but I will betray you. 
I am strong, but I have scars. 
I am an angel, but the devil. 
I met her when I was sixteen and she was a breath of fresh air. She swooped in, making me smile. But then she left, taking my next breath with her. 
Her smile could light up a room, making my black heart pitter patter. 
I found her again ten years later, with a syringe in her arm. 
Blood coming from between her legs. 
She was broken and I was glad she was broken. She wouldn't think less of me and my damaged ways. 

Darra's Review:

I am lucky enough to be a blogger who gets to review books. And there are some books who can't help to be extremely excited to read. This happens every time TL Smith writes a book. I have loved all her books. Without a doubt, now one of my favorites.
Raw and in your face is the best way to explain the plot. Black is all but perfect. But who really wants to read a book with perfect people that don't exist in real life? Rose was in a world of hurt and deception right in the beginning of the book.
It is refreshing to read a book that has no fluff. Each character in the book is well thought out and you cannot help but go back in think of portions of the story long after I have finished reading.
I cannot give you a clue to what happens in the book. I will say, you will be asking TL Smith "When are you going to write about JAKE?"
BTW-Loved the cover. Looks just as I would picture him.

My rating is a 4.8. So glad I got to read it. But I can't wait to read Smith's next book.

Sunny's Review:

This is the first T.L. Smith I have read. Darra has read her books and told me I should start and I finally did. I can honestly say at first I was like "Really? This is not my type of book." I kept going and I am so glad that I did.

I liked both characters. Black seems like a psychopath at first and I was thinking there is no way I can like him. After you keep going through the book you see a different side of him and you have to end up loving him. I wonder about myself a little bit for sympathizing with him and forgiving him for his job. When Rose came in the picture I was thinking there is no way I am going to ever like her. Again, I was wrong. She isn't exactly what she seems in the beginning and really I have to say I admire her tenacity. I really have so many more things that I want to say about this book but I am afraid of spoiling anything for you. I will say that I want more and I want to know more about Jake! This book has a very memorable ending. As in as soon as I was finished after 10PM, Darra got a text about it! There are only a handful of books that have us texting about it before we see each other the next day at work. It was that good, I couldn't wait to talk about it.

I am giving this book 4.7 stars out of 5. The beginning is a little slow but it is so worth it to keep reading. Go get this book!!!

black release day

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