Friday, August 5, 2016

Rock Harbor Chronicles by Sarah J. Bradley!!!


Shara Brandt doesn’t know how she wound up on a creek bank behind a school, miles from home. She doesn’t know who murdered her wealthy, but cruel, grandmother. She does know she has one chance to learn the truth about the murder, clear her name, and leave behind a shadowy past she can’t remember and can’t forget.  She adopts the alias “Bethany Elias,” works her way into the heart of the residents of Rock Harbor, and tries to ignore the way her heart races every time the reclusive Bryan Jacobs comes near her.
    Emotionally bruised after his ugly divorce, Bryan trusts no one. He certainly doesn’t trust the beautiful newcomer, Bethany. He knows she’s hiding something, and he is determined to expose her secret. To do so, however, he must lie to her, and himself, about his motives…and the feelings stirring deep within him each time he sees Bethany.
     It is their search for truth that will bind Bryan and Shara together or shatter their lives forever. Success, and love, will be theirs only if they understand they cannot control each other or even themselves.  Everything lies in chance.

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After the death of her husband, former champion figure skater Isabella Marks is left with more bills than money and more questions than anything else. Why did her husband drain their bank accounts and put their home into foreclosure? Where did the money go? She wants the truth and she needs a hero. 

From the outside, it seems like former hockey bad boy Quinn Murray has a great life. But no one knows about the blackmail his boss, former figure skating great Serena Shipley Chapman holds over him. Trading sexual favors for her silence eats away at his soul until he feels dead inside. He longs for a clean start he thinks he doesn’t deserve. 

When their paths cross in Nashville sparks fly. Can either of them feel worthy enough for a chance at pure love?

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Rejected by the woman he loves and abandoned by his band, Collier James is broke and alone, a thousand mile from his home in Nashville. Collier turns to his uncle who sends him to Rock Harbor, Wisconsin where he hopes recording mogul Shara Brandt can help him find the spark to take his music career to the next level. 

Miranda Pierce cannot escape her sister Madelyn's control. To do so would mean losing all contact with her son, Dusty. She's also unable to escape constant contact with Madelyn’s husband, the man who raped her at fifteen, but who is now powerful enough to destroy her if she reveals that he's the father of her son. Madelyn allows Mira to return to their childhood home in Rock Harbor, and Mira hopes to build a music career that will support both her and Dusty. 

In the studio Mira and Collier must work together in spite of their mutual dislike. Mira's lack of discipline clashes with Collier's single minded drive and sparks fly. As a tour date in Nashville nears, Mira and Collier strike an uneasy truce. Working together, sparks of a different kind pass between them. 

No amount of musical success can keep the walls from closing in on Mira as Madelyn tries to cut her out of Dusty’s life forever. Desperate, Mira risks everything, even her life, to prove herself and protect her son. 

Collier’s worried about Mira’s erratic, desperate behavior. As she spirals out of control he realizes he will have to sacrifice everything to save her from whatever it is that threatens to consume her. In the process, Collier discovers that this sacrifice might just be the spark his life needs.

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