Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Legacy Letters by Carew Papritz


A tragedy begins. A husband and wife separate. He’s dying. She doesn’t know. She’s pregnant. He can’t return. Now he races against time. In the solitude of a mountain cabin. In a faraway mountain range. Trying to finish . . .
For his children— his captivating stories and memories, turned into practical, moral, and spiritual instructions, now their “guidebook to life.”
For his wife—his intimate words of great love and deep regret, now his journey of redemption, now her passage to forgiveness.

Ultimately, he gives his final gift to her, to them, and now, to us all.

Darra's Review:

Writing this review is probably the hardest one I have wrote to date. The reason for this is because there are not enough words to explain how meaningful one book can be. As you read, this is from a Father's point of view. He is writing to his unborn children. And this is because he is dying of cancer. There are all notes that explain more about himself, about life and the lessons of what they need to know when becoming an adult.
The book(Letters) are so well written. It is like poetry, but you can understand. That is another reason I liked the book so much. He took so much time and obviously paid attention to each word in explaining the love he has with the life he lived.
I would be lying if I said I did not cry. The stories remind you of all the things you forget to pay attention to. Stressing about the unnecessary problems, and not noticing all the beauty we live in. The things I paid attention to when I was a child when everything was so simple.
I do read many books that are stories that I do love. However reading this kind of book, which is a rarity, remind me of the beauty that is expressed in words. A man who loved his wife and his unborn children he would never meet. There will be no other book that compares to the stories "Papa" wrote to his family.
I am honored that Carew Papritz gave me the chance to read this. There is no other way to express how I felt when I read this. I rate this book a 5(Never have rated a book a 5).

I have included excerpts from the book that gives just a hint of the emotion I felt reading the book.

Excerpt 1:
~I wish I could give this night to you. The truth of being so alive, But then I wish I could have many wishes. I wish I could keep walking far into God's night, and never stop. And I wish I could continue to live forever. And I wish, the biggest wish of all, that I could be with you right now.

Excerpt 2:
~And this being alive, it's something I've more than once forgotten to do, and am only now remembering to do again. It's never too late to begin, my little ones. Never.  

Meet The Author:
Born in Yosemite National Park. Son of a ranger. Lives in tent first year. First TV appearance as “guest star” on Romper Room. Small-town newspaper boy in Western Washington.
Attends school in England. Writes first fiction book at 16. Agent loves manuscript. Doesn’t get published. Attends ski school in Norway for junior Olympic cross-country skiers.
“Skied from Norway to war in Lebanon”  Writes on war as freelance journalist. Works as backcountry ski patrol and mountain guide in Washington. Attends community college.

Works as cowboy on small, remote cattle ranch in Southern Arizona. Begins writing The Legacy Letters on back of pickup. Begins writing The Legacy Songs—the music to the book.
Five years later, wrangles woman of his dreams, marries her at the ranch on a hilltop with
bagpiper, and rides off into sunset on horseback (literally). Edits The Legacy Letters. Son born.
Finishes The Legacy Letters. The Legacy Letters becomes bestseller.
Carew smiles and dreams of next adventure . .

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