Monday, September 9, 2013

Keatyn Chronicles Crush

Jillian Dodd's Team put together a video for BROOKLYN!!!! As you all know I love this series and Keatyn has more HOT BOYS than she knows what to do with. We all have different teams that we want. I personally am TEAM AIDEN but TEAM BROOKLYN is definitely YUMMY!!! Go check out the video Jillian's team put together!!

Get ready to get Sun Soaked! Hang on to your boy shorts, bikinis, or whatever the heck you prefer cause it's about to get a little wet in here.

Team Brooklyn is busting boards nationwide to invite you on a 
From coast to coast
And sea to sea
Brooklyn Wright's
The Hottie for me!

Introducing Brooklyn Wright from 
The Keatyn Chronicles by
Jillian Dodd
Being a slave to the wave has never felt sooooo good!!! #KCCrush #TeamBintheKC @Jilliandodd @Keatynchronicle

Team Brooklyn from Anjena on Vimeo.

So FREAKING AWESOME right???  I am happy that we got to put this video up for TEAM B!!!


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