Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just To Kick Off Football Season!!!!

So most of you may know that I am a HUGE Peyton Manning fan. I have followed most of his professional career and yes I realize that I live in Houston not Indianapolis. Since the NFL is starting the real season this week I thought I would sneek this review in (Don't tell Darra...she doesn't know...shhhhhh).  

Basically, this book is written by Archie and Peyton Manning. Archie Manning has had an amazing life so far. I bought this book a couple of years ago and thought I was just going to be facinated by Peyton. I was really surprised that I was more interested in Archie's story. He grew up in Mississippi and played all sports. He also worked hard and when I say hard I mean in a brick yard hard! He played all, baseball, basketball.  He went to Ole Miss and played QB for them. He met his wife, married her and got drafted. Played for the New Saints (you know back in the day when they were the 'Aints).  I mean all the things that he saw, did and dealt with are truly amazing. I think that it would be awesome to just get to sit down with him one day and listen to his stories. 

Peyton's part of the book is interesting too. Don't get me wrong...he has had an interesting life too but it is different from his fathers. Peyton talks about how he would go listen to all the old tapes of his dad playing college ball and could just picture everything (one of many reasons he is an AMAZING QB now???).  He talks about his brothers and what happened when Cooper got sick. He also talks about how he chose Tennessee and how everyone reacted. It goes through him getting drafted and making his deals with the Colts. 

I hear people all the time talking about how they can't stand the Mannings and how they obviously think they are better than everyone. I don't really know how or why they came up with these comments.  When you read Archie's story you will see that he had to work ridiculously hard for everything he has in his life. The same with Peyton. He had an easier life than his father but seriously to be an NFL QB (I don't care who you are) you had to work and try and continue working so that someone younger, faster and stronger doesn't come after your spot. Its competitive and I don't think that there is a player out there that just walks in gets stuff handed to him (at least on the field).

Ok and being the TOTAL nerd that I am...I might have their children book too. I still have it on my desk in case there comes a day when one of the walks into my office and I get it signed (Yes I realize I am delusional). 

So anyways now you know I am crazy. I love my Colts but I am not disappointed that Peyton is playing in Denver because I love that he is still playing.


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