Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sunny's Rant for Thursday! problem number 1 today was that I woke up with another headache and that just pissed me off...then it went downhill from there.

Don't Judge A Book By The Cover!

I am reading Easy by Tammara Webber. I have put off reading this book for several months b/c I CAN'T STAND THE COVER!!!! I totally judged the book by the cover...and YES I do this often. I mean not every book but quite a few of them.  I may have gone to Half Price Books and only bought books with pink covers one day just to try to find new authors.  I mean EVERYONE does it...if they didn't then authors and publishers would not put so much work into their covers.  Now the problem is I am 100% NOT on board with Lucas.  I really want to love him. He is a really great guy and I think that he should be on my list but EVERY TIME he is described in the book I cringe and picture the guy on the cover....I like the book as long as they don't say anything about his hair and I can start to forget what THAT guy looks like.

(There are plenty of books that awful covers it is not just this one...Not really picking on EASY)

Leave My Perfect Blond Hair Blue Eyed Boys ALONE!

So I am pretty sure Darra has brought up a couple of times that I prefer (as in want nothing else) blond hair, blue eyes, super tall and if there is a country accent all the better!  So as we are reading all these books and we notice that all the douche bags in the books have blond hair and blue/green/grey eyes and the stupid heroes are DARK HAIR AND LIGHT EYES!!!! NO THIS IS NOT OK!!!  The only good guy that we have read recently that stands out with blond hair is HELLER (and yes he is on top of my list).  We also have Caleb from the Dark Duet by CJ Roberts, he has blond hair and blue eyes but is a human do I say he is good or bad...I love him but.......

So bad guys--Seth, The Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Tyler, From Ashes by Molly McAdams, Blake, Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Kennedy, Easy by Tammara Webber, Jakey and All the Bycrafts, Little Town Series by JD Nixon, Leo, The Healers by Lynsie Buchanan and many more that I am sure I am forgetting...I just want my perfect guy to finally get to win the girl!!!

The Good Guys--Aiden, The Covenant Series, dark hair and blue eyes, Gage, From Ashes, dark hair green eyes, Daemon, Lux Series, dark hair green eyes, Lucas, Easy, dark hair blue/grey eyes, Alexander, The Healers, dark hair dark eyes. Phillip, That Boy by Jillian Dodd ABSOLUTELY PERFECT except brown hair and brown eyes. (please note when I say Phillip I sigh and look off in space...sigh)

Prince Charming!

To top off my day so far...I get back from lunch and see something about Disney making Cinderella into a movie and they picked Richard Madden for Prince Charming!!! WHAT???? NO!!!!!  Most of you know that my favorite fairy tale is Cinderella followed very closely by Sleeping Beauty. At the end of the day I really like Prince Phillip so much better than Charming but every girl is looking for her Prince Charming...and I know that mine is out there but since he is my soul mate I am pretty sure he is as directionally challenged as I am and is probably somewhere up north since I am in Texas.  Anyways, I don't picture Richard Madden as Charming and just don't do that...

So I guess I am done. I told you I was in a bad mood...are there any things bothering you today? Go ahead and tell me about it...I will listen!


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