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Blog Tour Stop & Author Interview: THE HEALERS by Lynsie Buchanan

During the reign of the Greek Gods, there was Asclepius, the God of Healing. Upon his death two groups battled, the Healers and the Hunters. Healers, those with true healing magic, scattered among the continents for safety from the Hunters. Now, in present day, the Healers are searching to find all of their blood line. The Hunters are searching, too.

Magic flows from Layna’s hands, but trusting anyone with her secret is not possible. Leo, her longtime friend, is determined to become more and Layna believes she wants that. Everything changes when she meets Alexander, the guard supposedly sent for her. There is something that draws them together, but is it real? Faced with a new reality of what her magic means and threats on her life, Layna must choose where her loyalties lie. Who is out to hurt her and who can she trust?



DARRA. How did you decide to write about the Greek mythology, specifically The Healers?

LYNSIE. I've actually been a junkie for this stuff for a long time...I took a Greek Mythology and Folklore class in college as an elective and it's just been there in the back of my head, waiting for the right story. Specifically talking about The Healers, my Dad is a I'm a bit of a granola chica:) One day at the office my Dad got a call from an insurance agent that was upset that his patients were getting better so quickly. He actually wanted my Dad to make the treatment last longer and that's when this story started to form.
 D. When did you decide to start writing to become an author?

 L. Five years ago, I was on a big trip for my birthday and I was setting some goals. Writing was this thing in the back of my head that I had always dreamed about, but hadn't been brave enough to just go for it. For some reason, pieces started to fall together at that birthday and I thought...I've got to at least try it. I'll always wonder if I don' here I am *grins*.

D. Had you always planned to become a writer?

L. I always knew I was dramatic and had an overactive imagination, but I never thought I would actually embrace my craziness. Thankfully, the story drove me crazy until I had to put the words on the page, for the sake of my sanity.

D. If you could write with any other author, who would it be?

L. That is such a tough question because being the overly dramatic person that I am...I fall in love with new writers and books on a daily basis. Just a few from my recent reads: Jasinda Wilder, S.C. Stephens, Gretchen de la O, Jamie Salsbury...the list really goes on and on...

D. How did you choose the location the book takes place?

L. Since I live in Texas, and travel to the hill country frequently, I knew I wanted to give attention to that part of the country. It also fit in my head perfectly when I imagined a serene place for Healers.

D. Would you like for the book to become a movie some day?

L. That would be insanely awesome to have so much love for my book for something like that to happen!!

D. Is Alexander your dream guy? Or was he made just for us readers?

L. He was my dream guy for Layna, and yeah...I have MAD love for him *blushing*. But...I have a lot of love for Leo, too *ducks head*. There's so much about him we still don't know.

D. Did you get to choose the cover of the book?

L. I didn't get to choose it, but my awesome cover artist contacted me before he started working on it to get my ideas. I was driving home when I got his e-mail with his first try at it. I pulled the car over in a fit of nerves...and absolutely flipped out. He had managed to capture everything that was important to me on his first try.

D. Will there be a sequel or series?

L. I am dying to write more of Layna's story. When I originally planned it out, there were three books. I feel like this first book just barely uncovers this world and these characters. As long as there are readers that want to read more, I will be more than eager to write it.

D. Do you plan to write different types of genres? Or will you stay to what you do best?

L. *Happy Dance* You just said I did "best" at this:) That just make me giddy!!! I love writing romance and paranormal is fun because of all the different rules you can put in your world. It's just so limitless. While I was waiting for this book to be sold and edited...etc, I wrote another paranormal. It's a completely different world filled with werewolves and dreamwalkers. Now, while I'm waiting to sell that book, I've started a third book that is new adult contemporary. I know it's not paranormal...but I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun writing it. But it's still my hope to write several more books for the series in both of the paranormal I guess you could say I'm not anywhere near being done with paranormal.

D. What is your favorite book?

L. There is no way I can pick just one right now...I just read WAY too much. But I have a favorite childhood book that is like comfort food to me, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle. It's funny because for a long time I forgot all about it until I found an old copy one day. I remembered how many times I read that book over and over...It really made sense that my first try at writing was paranormal.


Darra's Review

I did enjoy this book. Love Alexander. Absolute Hottie. He made it to our list. Alexander moved across the street from her to protect her. I definitely do not have that neighbor! His only mission is to protect her. She is special and he loves her. The Hunters are out to get her because she is a special Healer. What she didn't know was who was the Hunter after her. Quite surprising. I liked all the characters in the book and you should read it. I read it in a day in a half. Keeps you intrigued throughout the book. Great plot. I WANT MORE BOOKS from you, Lynsie! I give it a 4.1.

Sunny's Review

I enjoyed this book so MUCH!!!  I love Alexander but at the same time I totally kinda love LEO!!! I can't wait to see more about him and after seeing her interview with Darra I am excited to know that we will be seeing more of him. He made our list too.   I also enjoyed this book b/c I live in Houston and grew up in Austin and a lake house in the Hill Country, so I could picture EVERYTHING! I liked Layna in the fact that she was all about "If it feels good, DO IT." She wanted Leo so they hooked up. She met Alexander and then she went for him.  Alexander is OMG I don't even have words...LOVE HIM! He is so perfect in so many ways. At the same time I was from Chapter 1 hooked on Leo. He was the friend that took care of Layna and wanted more...AWWWWW...of course not everything is black and white and we found out that Lynsie is great at leaving us wanting MORE!!! I can't wait for the next book to come out. Go get this book and READ IT ASAP!!! I agree with Darra and give this book a 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Lynsie's Bio

Cheers! I'm a red headed Texan gal that writes adult romance novels. After spending way too much money on attaining degrees in education (bachelors, masters, no ph.D yet), I realized that I loved teaching, but, I needed to write. Somehow, I have struck a chaotic balance. Teacher by day, steamy romance writer by night..... I daydream a lot, drink wine, gossip about juicy plots with my friends and obsessively read. Check my blog for my latest favorite reads, what I'm writing, and other crazy things I encounter. My debut novel, THE HEALERS, will be available April 2013.


  1. I'm so glad you loved it:) Thank you!!

  2. Love the reviews! This book caught my attention from the very beginning. It has been awhile since a book came along and drew me in like this one did. It has left me wanting more!!! I think it has what it takes to be a series.