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Following Love by Kay Lindy!!


Roxy Garrison found herself in a world she never thought she could possibly be involved in. A world that broke every rule she ever followed. Roxy liked to live outside of the social norm, but one thing she would never tolerate was drugs. Her small family spiraled out of control after losing her mother to cancer, and her father numbed his grief by getting high; his addiction was out of control. Any semblance of home she had was ripped away which drove Roxy to leave everything behind for a new life in the city. She never expected to find herself living with a drug dealer and working for him as his personal driver. Drug deal after drug deal pushed Roxy to her limit. In a world that strips people of their dignity and self-respect, Roxy found a love so fierce that she turned away from all of her morals and lost every part of who she once was.

Darra's Review:

Starting from the beginning, Roxy was a take no crap kind of girl. Although she was put in a terrible position by an a-hole of a person, she made the best of it and did what she needed to do. All she wanted was to stay away from what she hated most, drugs.
Blair did not reveal the true person he was until mid story. However when he did, you could tell he always wanted the best for Roxy. You do want to root for him despite his shady lifestyle.
Jack. He seems to be a good guy for Roxy. Only wants Roxy to be the girl she was before. He plans to get her out of the bad place she is at and I feel like he will be proclaiming his undying(maybe a strong word) love for her.

The book ends with a cliff hanger. What will happen next? It has left me wanting more and looking forward to more of Roxy and her new life. She is at a point in her life that leaves everything in question. Where do you go from here? Great story with strong characters. Leaves you intrigued to what will happen next.

I rate the book a 4.5

Sunny's Review:

I was so excited to read this book. I read Fearing Love and thought that book was really great. Kay did a great job making you feel and understand what the characters were dealing with. She did it again with this book.

Roxy left home as soon as she could and she had such strong feelings on drugs. Her family basically broke apart and she did not want to be around that environment. She ended up with a boyfriend that used drugs and then ended up in a situation that went against all of her morals. I can't say that I wouldn't take the job that she takes. It has a lot of perks. Again, I think that Kay Lindy did a great job showing how easy it would be for somebody to fall into this lifestyle.

Blair is a pretty great character. At first I hated him and I wanted to keep hating him through the book but there was just something about him. He was quiet and intense but he does do everything he can to make sure Roxy is safe. I really like him and there are some things that I don't think he had control over but he made the best of the situation. At the same time, I was annoyed that he was strong in some ways but in other ways he just sat there and followed orders.

Jack was pretty great too. He was Roxy's best friend's brother. He knew Roxy most of her life and did his best to help her in every way that she would let him. His pretty much unconditional help to Roxy made me love him. I also love that he never stopped trying to help her.

I think this book is 4.7 stars out of 5. You don't have to read Fearing Love before Following Love but I am glad that I read them in order. I can't wait to see what is next from Kay Lindy.

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Fearing Love

Fearing life is no way to live, but for Jessica Garrison, it’s the only thing she knows. After she lost her mother to cancer, she couldn’t bring herself to live with her father any longer. The lies and deceit she protected her mother from during the last months of her life now felt like betraying the loving woman who lost her life. Jessica left her childhood home at the age of seventeen, expecting to find a life free from lies, drugs, and adultery; what she found was anything but. Forced to learn the harsh realities in life, she endured years of abuse. Jessica escaped; but her escape came with a price. Now, Jessica lives in fear of the day Brandon will find her. Will she be able to piece her life back together or stay trapped living in fear for the rest of her life?

This is book one in the series, Loves of Deception. The series is about young women who rise above the harsh realities in life by empowering themselves to succeed and become their own heroine. Each book is about a specific topic: Domestic Violence, Drugs, and Cheating.

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About Kay Lindy:

Kay Lindy is a suspense romance writer. Her first novel, Fearing Love, was released in September, 2015. Lindy is passionate about writing characters who are strong independent women and are their own heroines.

Kay is the mother of four girls. Each of her daughters has inspired her to follow her own dream. "My young ladies are so full of passion and spirit. I am always there to support their dreams and aspirations.This action of love is what made me realize I was not living up to the same standards I was teaching my girls; to follow their dreams. So I began to write. Fearing Love is a product of my passion."                

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