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Colby by Lindsay Paige and Mary Smith!!


The Ninth Inning series presents Memphis Angels' third baseman, Colby Wilson.
Colby Wilson gets talked into making a profile on a dating website. It's been a not-so-great experience so far, especially since his teammates have given him the nickname of Sugar Daddy thanks to the mistake of sharing his experiences. Colby just wants to settle down and finally have a place to call home once and for all. Then, he decides to meet the only sane person he's been able to talk to on the dating website.

Ariella Craft is a homicide detective who spends more time working cases than working on her love life. As a last resort, she decides to sign up for online dating and ends up talking to someone who doesn't seem to be crazy. After taking sound advice from her sister, Ariella meets the man she's been chatting with.

There is nothing but shock when they discover each other's identities. Colby and Ariella need to prioritize their careers and love lives, but when devastation hits them, it's more difficult than they both thought it would be.

Life is throwing nothing but curveballs. Colby and Ariella need to hit it out of the park before they strike out.

Sunny's Review:

I really love this series. You see the guys that already had books and you get to learn a little bit more about the guys that will be getting books soon. This is the 6th book and while you don't have to read the other books to follow this one, I recommend it.

This book is about Colby. He is the 3rd baseman and the oldest on the team, thirty two years old. He is pretty laid back and goes with the flow on most things. I love that he did online dating. He has said that he wants to meet someone and is doing what he needs to do meet them. Ariella is pretty laid back too. She is a detective and pretty much has her life in order. I like that both of them are a little bit older. Both of them have dedicated their lives to their careers so they understand each other. I liked Ariella's family. They were pretty entertaining.

I can't wait to find out what happens with the rest of the guys. I am giving this book 4.4 stars out of 5.

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About the Authors!

Lindsay Paige is the author of multiple Young Adult, New Adult, and Sports romances. She also coauthored sports romances with Mary Smith. Along with writing, she loves reading, watching hockey, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins, and finding funny terrible puns and recipes on Pinterest. All the while, she is also focused on completing college.

Lindsay resides in North Carolina and is inspired by the world around her and the people in it. She is currently working on numerous solo works.

Lindsay has written the following books/series:
Bending Under Pressure
Bold as Love series
Bracing for Love series
Don't Panic
Sanity series
Without A Doubt
You Before Me

She has cowritten the following series:
The Ninth Inning series
Oh Captain, My Captain series
The Penalty Kill trilogy
Best Selling Author, Mary Smith, has been coming up with stories her whole life. She has written A HOCKEY TUTOR and THE NEW HAMPSHIRE BEARS SERIES, along with numerous other titles, as well as co-authored THE PENALTY KILL TRILOGY, OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN SERIES, and THE NINTH INNINGS SERIES with Lindsay Paige. When not busy writing or rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks you can find her with her nose stuck in her Kindle.

You can visit her website at:
Follow her on Twitter: @maryms1980
Or Faceook:

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