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Hidden by Monica May!!!

TITLE: Hidden
SERIES: The New Orleans Temptation Series
AUTHOR: Monica May
RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2015

Hidden - Book 2 of
The New Orleans Temptation Series

After losing her husband, Samantha throws her life into recreating her great aunt’s erotic club on Bourbon Street. She does her best to avoid getting close to any man, but how long can she hold out when Parke enters her life? While trying to avoid her attraction to Parke, Samantha tries her best to make her club a hit by hiring the most beautiful people in New Orleans.

During the hiring process, Shelby begs her to hire a woman she met at the battered women’s shelter. Reluctantly, Samantha caves and hires Sunny, not knowing much about her. Will this hire bring down her entire club? Samantha has no idea that Sunny is running from a man, a man that has vowed to find and kill her if she ever ran from him again. As the president of the MC group The Flaming Dragons, his reach is far and wide. Will he find her? Can Jackson, Sunny’s new love interest, keep her safe?

Darra's Review:

I’ll give you a warning on this book. You are thrown into the plot immediately. Straight to the point and no fluff. It captures your attention right from page one. Which is refreshing because I do not need over explaining about each character and why they are what they are.
Personally I like books that have several points of views. I feel that it helps you understand each one and how they feel about what is going on around them.
Samantha, I like from the beginning. Sunny, you feel bad about what happens to her and wanted to know how her life progresses. Jackson and Parke, amazing in different ways. Relationships grow and that is when you know if you will like a person or not.
I don’t like to spoil a book. However I was disappointed in Rex. I thought he would be a bit smarter and had a better plot at the end. Doesn’t he watch CSI? Be original, think outside the box.
Other than the douchebag Rex, I enjoyed all the people in the story. You grow to like each one of them and makes a book much more enjoyable.
My rating is a 4.

Sunny's Review:

I really love the guys in this book. You have Parke who is just straight up honest with Samantha, well kind of. Then you have Jackson who is basically a Knight in Shining Armor. He was protective of Sunny from day 1. I liked the girls too. Samantha is unapologetic about her life and does what she wants. I love it and I wish I was a little bit more like that.
At first reading the synopsis I was mad that one of the characters was named Sunny. I have yet to figure out why my name is associated with strippers or hookers in most books. So I was not planning on liking Sunny. Now, after reading it, I liked Sunny. I like the reason for her name.
This book has a pretty good storyline and again I liked the characters. I would recommend this book. You have romance with a little bit of drama. 
I am giving this book 4 stars! Go get it!


“From the moment I saw you standing on the street, I knew I needed you.” His arms are wrapped around my body pulling me in tight. It’s like he feels frightened to let me go. “And when you started thinking about bolting, I saw it in your eyes. I knew you were going to walk out of my life, and I couldn’t let that happen.

Devastated – Book 1 of 
The New Orleans Temptation Series


Living the American Dream Shelby had everything she could have dreamed of. A handsome husband two wonderful children a beautiful home and a great job. What else could she ask for?

In an instant her world is turned upside down when she innocently looks at her husband’s phone. With this Devastating discovery Shelby has to decide if she will walk away from twenty years of marriage or will she find a way to fit into Grant’s erotic world?

Will she walk on the wild side she never knew she had? How far will she go? If she crosses the line will she be able to live with herself when the sun comes up? Or will she let her over conservative personality end her marriage?

Sunny's Review:


This book was hard for me. I am that person that thinks certain things are black and white, there is no grey. This book hit the "grey" area. Now, having said that, this book will probably be very enjoyable to people that aren't me.
I like that Shelby was willing to change and do what she felt like she needed to do for herself. It was a little bit interesting to watch the feelings and emotions that the characters felt while going through the changes. I think that Monica May did an amazing job of making you feel what the characters were feeling.
I am giving this book 4 stars out of 5. You don't have to read this one before Hidden but I would recommend it.

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