Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Jar of Dreams by Clarissa Cartharn

When an assassin on the run seeks refuge in a blind woman...

When Eric Tanner, an assassin, is targeted to be murdered by his former employer, he seeks refuge in the house of a blind woman, Anne Mullen.
Eric knows how to live in silence. He’s done it all his life. So when he discovers Anne is blind and living on her own, he thinks this would be his perfect hideout.
But then he makes the mistake of his life. He forms an attachment to her. And for a man in his profession, such attachments are a weakness. Now, he must do everything he can to protect Anne from the world he’s come from.

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Darra's Review:
When I first read the synopsis, I thought it would be a bit funny that Eric planned to take residence in a blind woman’s house without knowing. However reading further into the story, it had more depth than a man squatting in her house. He knew her from his childhood and made an impression on him.
Later in life Eric is in deep into crime and has to hide out to prevent his demise. She may be his only hope to get away from his former boss/friend/accomplice that plans to kill him for money.
Eric’s feelings for Anne grow and now he is trying to make sure his tracks are covered before they find out Anne is hiding him.
As you can imagine, with a storyline like this, there will be a cliffhanger that will make you want to read more. I kept scrolling to see if there were more pages. No, there was not. I am not patient and definitely interested in finding out what happens with them next.
I liked the book. Kept my interest till the end. Several series I am reading leave me with no interest to read the next book. However this is a book that you will need to continue into the next to get some sort of closure.

I give the book a 4.    

Author Bio:
Clarissa Cartharn has always had a deep love for language. Her pursuit of it has led her to attain a BA majoring in English Language and Literature, sought a career in English teaching for six years before finally becoming a lawyer. But when she took up the pen, she realised what she was really desiring for was the cathartic release of her wild imaginations via writing.

Clarissa is interested in learning new languages and is currently on a quest on conquering Mandarin Chinese.

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Twitter: @ccartharn

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