Monday, June 9, 2014

My type of Guy. Who would you choose tonight?

I am going to get straight to the point. What type of guy would you take home? I know everyone has a favorite type of guy to use, I mean enjoy, I mean like the most.

Here is the story. Sunny and I will like to play MFK(If you don’t know what this means, do not look it up. You might ruin your virgin eyes).I won’t lie, I have a little love for most. However this is where Sunny and my opinions do not match.  You are going to find out why.

 I will tell you that I like variety. Slore statement. Absolutely! But  I know you think the same. Hence the reason why I read all types of books. There are so many men I have read. I just can’t just choose one. BTW-some of this information on this list also explains our favorite list.

The Rich Boss(which happens to be a millionaire).

Reasons why you should choose the Suits:
  • See picture above. If I can get a man as hot as David Gandy in a suit, believe me, I will be there in a New York minute.
  • They are usually Alpha. Yes, that can go wrong so quickly. But with the right amount, perfecto. Since they are the boss, they expect you to do all the things they ask for. Yes, I will do the dishes if I get look at this.
  • Hot and bothered. Talk dirty to me. Wow, those rich guys have a filthy mouth. Kinky, probably but they will talk and I will listen.
  • To some ladies they will say money. The only reason why this should be included is for travel. They will take you anywhere!
 The Jock
Reasons why should choose a Sports Player:
  • You get to look at all pictures of Stuart Reardon with his shorts pants and fantastic accent.
  • Besides that, the guys are always in shape. Guaranty the V-Cut on all of them.
  • I don't care what anyone thinks. A man that some kind of athletic ability is a turn on.
  • Not sure if this is just my opinion, but they always seem like fun, chill guys. I am up for that for a night out.
 The Rocker
Reasons why you should choose a Rocker.
  • I do love them. But mostly the ones that have short hair. They can be hot, the play an instrument and lots of tat's.
  • They appear to be a bad boy, but deep down they are teddy bears. In books, once they find "The Girl" they have given their hearts on a platter.
  • This is where they get me. In the way past, men would write poetry to their loves. So I would like to think that Rockers are the poets of this time period. This is where girls throw their panties at the singer.
  • I am sure that they have plenty of experience in "that" department, surely they know what they are doing. No apologies here. STD's are obviously are bad, and hopefully they don't have them. But lovin on a guy that knows what he is doing. Winning!

    The Good Boy next door
Reasons why you should choose the Good Guy.
  • Well first is because they will NEVER screw you over. Sweet, kind and loves in every way. Winner!
  • No matter what book, I always root for them. They are down to earth and will be your soul mate(if you believe in that stuff).
  • I love all the other guys. But these guys are the ones that you are with for life.
  • And you will actually want to have little babies with him. And he will change the baby diapers too.
  • Playful. Yes, they are the boy next door. But they also have a little naughty streak in them. They are your best friend.
Note about the nice guy. Read That Boy. This would be Phillip. If we had to pick a guy that best describes him. He is our #1 nice guy. His princess. Love him.

The Fighter

Reasons why you should choose the Fighter Guy.

  • You  already know he is a Badass. So tack on he is all hot and sweaty for you, winner!
  • Always fun to be around and Stamina. Yes, I just said that. But oh so true, he has a great body and is usually a little Alpha.
  • Since he is a Alpha, he is very protective of his girl.
  • I could continue but look at that face! Enough said.
The Hot Bad Boy

  • Okay, I usually don't think of this picture when I think bad boy. However the look on his face says "I want to do bad things to you". Yes sir, just waiting for you to get off that walk way.
  • Girls gave vorgasms just looking at them. Sigh here.
  • Although he might break your heart, you can't but fall into his bed.
  • And to hope the best, you are his exception.
Motorcycle Guy
  • I will tell you that I don't see this as a guy part of a MC. But he his hot. So he can stay
  • They scare the crap out of me. Which makes it all the more exciting.
  • ALPHA(all caps). You would be likely pulled by your hair into the bed(if you would be able to get there). Intense is not enough to describe them.
  • They are hardcore and will die for his MC and his old lady. But I would consider becoming an Old Lady if it was him.
The Country Boy
  • Good ole country boy. Cute boy that can pick up bales of hay without a T-Shirt on, okay!
  • They always have the best intentions. Heart of gold. And they love their girl.
  • I am sure you would have fun a night on the back  of a pick up truck listening to music and making out with this fine specimen.
  • Sunny could probably give more details. They are no my cup of tea. But that doesn't mean that I can't look.

There are so many more men to choose from. I put a couple up below just for a little extra man candy.

My favorites are the rockers and the millionaire suits. From one extreme to the other. Both make me all swoon. But if I could have a little of Jonathan from Mid Life Love and Mason from Ambrosia, I lived a happy life.

So Darra hit on the major groups. I can't think of any more that I would add unless you go into the paranormal. We definitely have different taste. I think that at the end of the day I would be with either a Jock, Fighter or Cowboy while she is definitely Business or Rocker/BadBoy. Don't get me wrong...I love HOT guy in a suit but there is something about that Cowboy with the Southern drawl. I also have a weird fascination with guys that have the cuts and bruises on their faces. The only rocker I have I really been into was Mason from Erin Noelle's Boyfriend Series. LOVE HIM! Phillip is still my #1 and I honestly don't see anyone coming close to comparing to him. Jillian Dodd seriously writes the best guys. If you haven't read That Boy & That Wedding yet you are missing out. She also has her Keatyn Chronicles series with a boy that could possibly be as good as Phillip!!! Check it out!!!


I want to hear who you liked the most. Also, tell us what book to read! I want to know if I am missing any man!


Military Guy

Paranormal(Vampire, Demon, Wolf, Alien)


The Smart Guy

The Surfer
The Cop
Skate Boarder


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