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Pretty Little Dreams by Jennifer Miller

Title: Pretty Little Dreams (Pretty Little Lies, #2) Author: Jennifer Miller Release Date: January 13, 2014 Genres: Contemporary Romance Photographer: Stephanie from This Modern Romance Cover Designer: Laura from Bookfabulous Designs

There is a place in all of us where our deepest secrets lie in wait for their moment to surface, and surface they will.
After living through a real live nightmare, Olivia wants nothing but to forget. Forget and move on. But how do you forget something that has stained your soul and forces you to lie to your loved ones? Even if your intentions are to spare them the horrors of the truth?
Luke knows Olivia is not as recovered as she would have him believe. He can see the pain she tries to keep hidden behind her eyes, and knows she has not told him everything. But how do you save someone who won’t let you in? Where shame holds Olivia captive, Luke suffers through the guilt of not protecting the one person he loves more than anything.
Can two people who have suffered so dearly find a way to come together or will they risk the dreams they have placed in each other’s hearts? Can love find a way where forgiveness cannot?

Sunny's Review:

I absolutely love this book. If you have not read Pretty Little Lies go get it now and start. You get to see how Olivia ended up where she is.  The last book was a huge cliffhanger and this book picks up about a month later. You do get to find out what happened in the month. Olivia is awesome in that she is strong willed and tries to pick up the pieces of her life again. I love the way Jennifer shows you what Luke is going through. He is a good guy that can't really deal with the fact that Olivia was hurt and he didn't/couldn't help her. You get to see what an emotional turmoil they try to get though.
I love the way Jennifer can really make you feel what her characters are feeling. I recommend you go get these books and read them. They are AWESOME!!! I am giving this book 4.5 stars out of 5.

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I don’t want to do this today.  At all.  Carrying my clothes, I grudgingly walk to the bathroom so I can change.  Once I’m dressed, I take in my reflection in the mirror before me.  My eyes look sad.  I have dark circles that have become a permanent fixture, given that a good night’s sleep hasn’t been easy to come by lately.  My shoulders appear to be drooping slightly.  I sigh.  Not much I can do about it.

I want to rip this fucking monkey suit off my body.  Every part of me is begging me to do it. I just want to head back to her bed and shove my face in her pillow again.  I want to pull the covers over my head, drown myself in her essence, and escape from reality for a little while longer.  Wanting her here has turned into a physical ache; a pain deep in my gut and chest that can’t be calmed or relieved.

I catch myself rubbing at my chest like I can smooth the pain away.  It doesn’t work.

            “Luke?  Are you almost ready?” 

            The sound of Pyper’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts.  Walking out of the bathroom, I look at Pyper, taking in her appearance.  She looks nice.  She’s wearing a black dress and smiling a little at me, but it quickly falls, as if smiling on a day like today is sacrilege.  She’s sporting dark circles under her eyes as well, and there is sadness in her eyes too.   

            “I don’t want to do this today, Pyper.” I confess.

            Closing the distance between us, she starts straightening my tie.  “I know this is something neither of us wants to do right now, but it will be okay.  You can lean on me for support, and I will lean on you.  It’s all we can do, okay?”

            I give her a slight nod, my thoughts drifting elsewhere.  I can’t look at Pyper anymore without my mind automatically going back to that awful day.  It’s the day that my life took a brutal nose dive into the fucking abyss.

1371284_4936501510746_669029856_nAuthor Jennifer Miller was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but now calls Arizona home. Jennifer’s love of reading began when she was a small child, and only continued to grow as she entered adulthood. Ever since winning a writing contest at the young age of nine, when she wrote a book about a girl with a pet unicorn, she’s dreamed of writing a book of her own.
Quickly learning that dreams don’t just fall into your lap, she knew she had to chase them herself and not be afraid to dream a little bigger. Most importantly, she is a wife and mother, and is very lucky to have a family that loves and supports her in all things. She also has an unhealthy addiction to handbags and chocolate covered strawberries, neither of which she cares to change.

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