Saturday, January 4, 2014

Heller is back!

Holy Monkeybutts! The next book in the Heller series will be out 1/7! Many of you may not know much about JD Nixon. But her books make me laugh my arse off! When I first read Heller, I was leery of it because of the cover. Yes, covers make a huge difference. But once I read the first book, I could not stop!
The Heller books are on one of my top 5 Series book. I read a lot of books that has sad backgrounds. But Tilly, the main character, comes from a great family and is still a train wreck. Not in a I hate my life, I am a slore. But more of that awkward, badass, goofy way.

Top 3 favorite female leads in the book overall list. You just want to be her friend. Tilly is a riot!
This will be on Smashwords on Monday or Tuesday. B&N and Amazon? Not sure when.

I am going to twist your arm and annoy you to death if you do not read the series! And I will be very busy next week. Nixon's books are around 300 pages, so you get your moneys worth.

She has another series, Blood Ties that is good as well. She has a blog of Tilly and Tess(main character of Blood Ties). Awesome.

Read now. I am sure you will see Sunny's and I reviews soon!


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