Sunday, March 6, 2016

Things We Have Read Lately!

Darra and I have read a lot books lately. I know...SHOCKING!!! We have been trying to get back to reading the same books so that we can honestly give you each of our opinions. For a little bit we over loaded ourselves and had to divide and conquer. So we thought we would tell y'all about some books that have made us CRY, scared the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS out of us, made us LOL and don't forget some of the HOTTEST books out there!

Tear Jerking Cry Fest Books!!!

We all know that every now and then we need a good cry. We are not emotional people. We have read a couple of books in the past couple of months that have made us ball like little babies. So congrats to the authors that pulled on our heart strings enough to make us blubbering messes and we totally recommend these books!


This book...seriously you will be a snotty mess. I had a bad week and knew that I needed to purge my feelings that weekend. I got home and started the book around 6:30 or 7 and finished it at like 2AM. I went from tears just running down my face to the snot running down my face and actually crying enough that my dog was trying to get in my lap and make me feel better. My eyes were swollen the next morning and bloodshot. I wish there were more than 5 stars for this book. I think everyone should read it.


While reading this synopsis you would never think this book will make you cry. So why do I have it in here? There are other characters in this book that will make your heart break over and over. While we love Kenzie and Kane, Tessa's story caused tears to just roll down my face. I had to stop and text Darra asking her why she didn't tell me I was going to cry. Her response: "Why would I tell you? I wanted to make sure you grieve with me." Well, she got her wish, I ugly cried.

LOL until you pee a little bit!!!!

This book was not LOL the whole time but there are a couple of parts that will totally getting you rolling laughing! I mean like OMG I could totally see this happening in real life and I would die laughing if I knew this happened to someone. The best part of this, I only know of 1 other authors that talks about this specific act realistically. Normally in books this is glossed over and is totally made to be thought glamorous. Trust us, you need to read this book to find out about this stuff.
I am not going to put the synopsis up for these books. They are all hilarious and we text each other during all of these books needing to talk about how funny they were. If you ever need a pick me up book to put you in a better mood, Meghan Quinn is your go to author and these books are the best.

Books that will make you go WTF did I just read!!

All of these books are really crazy jacked up stories. I wonder what the deal is when we read these and love them. When I say love them, I mean we want to know more. For a long time all of the books we were reading were romance and happily ever afters. I love a good HEA but sometimes you need to change it up. I didn't realize that were changing it up this much....

 This! I was literally like WTF just happened. There are so many things wrong in here. I loved it in the way that a book will forever stay with you. It has a lot of twists and turns. One part made me stop and just shake my head at the authors. I was like I can't believe you just did that to me! You need to check this book out if you love some suspense and want to wonder about the world (and the authors).

We have talked about this book before and Tony Rawlins is still one of my top villains. I seriously can't believe the way this book went and I am working my way through the rest of the series. Tony is out of control crazy and he has stuck with me for a couple of years. I think this was the first book that we read like this and honestly I don't know what to say about it. There are so many parts that made me cringe and a little sick to my stomach.

Oh, Tara Dawn. I love this author and how she reminded me what small town southern living was like. She could have been describing so many people that I knew at one point. This is a trilogy and I can't wait for the rest of it. It is so realistic to me and so freaking crazy. I can't even tell you all the feelings going through me when I read this book. I will say that when I saw the second book, Taint show up on my Kindle last night I squealed a little bit. I did not start it because you have to be in a place where you can devour her books in one sitting. All I can say is Welcome to Crazy Town if you are going to read these books.

Hot like Fire!!!!

Oh holy hotness!!! I would kill for a guy like Noah. I mean if you are going to read this one, you need to make sure you have a fan going so that you don't combust. The book and story are really great and I can honestly say that Noah stuck with me. I can't say it enough, read this book!

I liked this book in some ways and hated it in other ways. It is freaking ahhhhmazingly hot though! I am torn on the characters in the book but I totally LOVE the middle of this book. You so need to go get this and read this! I have to give props to Summer for going through with this plan. I don't think I could although I feel like this is so many girls' fantasy!

 Hope you enjoyed some of our book choices and hopefully you found something you would like to read this weekend. Let us know if you have recommendations for us. We love getting feedback!!!

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