Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nico by J.B. Hartnett!!!

When I was a boy, I met a girl.
She didn’t know it then, but…
She changed me.
Now…..I am a man.
A man who is broken by the stories of the women who come to me.
They are my birds with broken wings.
I help them heal, help them to make them strong, so they can fly free.
Lark changed me. Loved Me. Made Me Strong.
With her, I am free.
I write…
To the girl of the past.
To the girl of my present.
And, the girl of my future.
Dear Dish….
**Although Nico is considered part of The Leaves Series, it can be read as a stand alone**

Sunny's Review:

This was a really good book. You have Nico who is a total womanizer in the sense of the he never goes back to the same one and will not commit but he is actually a really good guy. He does not lead women on and he is open about what he expects. He also has a business that he does well in and can use it to help women who have been hurt. It isn't always abuse and he is probably the most empathetic character I have read in a long time. Lark was fine. There was not anything that totally stood out about her to me but she was not annoying so I pretty much like her.
You should really go get this book. I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars. I am also going back and reading the first 2 books in this series. You can read Nico alone but I feel like I might love him even more if I read the other books.

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About J.B. Hartnett:

Julie is a Southern California native, a fan of a really good story (preferably romance with a happily ever after), really good pie (preferably pumpkin) and copious amounts of coffee (preferably Folgers).
She has always enjoyed writing and at one time thought she could be a singer songwriter...the 'writer' part is the one that stuck.
Julie is obsessed with pi...the equation(and the food). She's allergic to cats and cantaloupe and hates mushrooms...so if you ever want to give her a gift, those are out for sure.She currently lives with her own romance hero husband and two boys in Melbourne, Australia.


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