Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ray Ryan by Aiden Riley

Ray Ryan Synopsis:
Ray Ryan is a normal boy growing up in Nottingham, dreaming of becoming a writer, but one day his best friend makes some dangerous enemies and things begin to change. The road to happiness is a rough one, and it becomes even harder to traverse when the people you care about have lost their way. Tense and surprising, Ray Ryan tells the story of the joys and tragedies that beset one young man as he finds himself hurled violently into adulthood: a tale of loss, love and looking ahead.
Darra's Review:
I was given a chance to read Aiden's book, Ray Ryan. The book is about a boy growing up and living life and all that comes with it. It reminded me of old school and having to live out those days of running into jerks and being the little guy(or girl). The author has a way to explain it in real detail. Explaining if it was you. As you may imagine there are parts of this book make you bite your finger nails nervous. Other times it makes you laugh and cry.
I truly liked the book. I usually read books that are from the girls POV, but this a book obviously written by a man. It was not a woman writing what she thinks guys think about. I found out that Football is on the mind quite a bit. :-)
Oh and for all you Americans(yes, including I), you will see how books from actual English people write. You may find out we are a little backwards. You will get what I am saying. And it is Tea, not coffee there FYI!
I would rate the book a 4.1. Give it a read. Silly girls always like an English guy.
Author information
Aiden Riley is a twenty six year old man from Nottingham England, he wrote his first story at age eleven and ever since wanted to be a writer and recognised that dream last year when he published Ray Ryan, he enjoys writing young adult novels but is looking to move into different genres, the Red, his next novel will be a horror and the one after that, Jamie Pearce, will be a thriller

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