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Poison by Molly Cochran!!


Mischief abounds at the Ainsworth School, and evil is lurking. What’s more, Katy has won Peter’s heart and is now claiming her place in the magical world. Though half the students at her boarding school come from witching lines, the use of magic is expressly forbidden at Ainsworth, so as to keep the witching world hidden from the blue-blooded preppies, aka Muffies, who also walk the halls.
But the Muffies have at least a notion of magic, because Katy catches them staging a made-up ritual—and then fall seriously ill. When Katy is blamed, she becomes desperate to clear her name and finds herself battling all odds to harness her growing magical powers in order to save the Muffies and dispel the Darkness once more.

POISON (Legacy, #2) By: Molly Cochran
Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
Release Date: December 4th, 2012

We Asked Molly:

Where did you get the idea for your characters from?
            I love witches. I’ve studied them, fantasized about them, cried over them, and felt outraged over their horrible treatment back in the Middle Ages. I admire their insistence on remembering the Old Ways (Wicca itself is known as “The Old Religion”) and their acceptance of the supernatural. Mostly, I deeply respect a tradition in which women are the preeminent teachers, philosophers, and spiritual leaders, and are not considered to be inferior to men in any way.
            So I wanted to write about witches, minus the stigma of evil that’s been carried over ever since women (and men) were burned at the stake for being uppity. I personally like uppity witches, so I invested the characters in Legacy and Poison and the next book in the series, Seduction, with special powers. Some are healers, some are astral travelers. Some can read minds. Some have more than five senses. My main character Katy is a telekinetic, meaning she can move objects with her mind. In the realm of paranormal abilities, telekinesis is a pretty humble talent, but it’s useful if Katy needs to physically defend herself, which happens pretty often. You can’t fight a flying table.
            For those of you who are writers, here’s my advice about where to get your ideas: Write about what you love. Whatever interests you, whatever subject causes you to want to find out more about it, that’s where you’re going to get the spark for your story. As for characters… well, as Gustav Flaubert, the French author of Madame Bovary, said more than a hundred years ago, “Madame Bovary, c’est moi”. What he meant was that all the characters a novelist dreams up are really versions of herself. Which, if you ask me, makes the process even more fun.

About Molly Cochran:

Molly Cochran, author of the teen paranormal romances LEGACY and POISON, has written 26 published novels and four nonfiction books under her own name and various pseudonyms. Her books include New York Times bestselling novels GRANDMASTER and THE FOREVER KING, coauthored with Warren Murphy, and the nonfiction DRESSING THIN, also a NY Times bestseller. She has won awards from the Mystery Writers of America (Best Novel of the Year), the Romance Writers of America (Best Thriller), and the New York Public Library (Outstanding Books for the Teen Age).

SEDUCTION, the third installment in the LEGACY series, is scheduled for release later this year through her publisher, Simon & Schuster.

Two eBooks, THE TEMPLE DOGS and THE FOREVER KING, are currently available through online retailers. A third, GRANDMASTER, will be available soon.

Molly has lectured extensively and has taught writing at the college level as well as at a women's prison (where she was NOT an inmate). She also writes a blog on writing technique which appears on her website, She is also on Facebook at and Twitter at

She lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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