Monday, April 1, 2013

This Week In HOUSTON!!!!

So most of you probably know that OPENING DAY was yesterday in HOUSTON!!!! The Astros that finished in last place in 2012 with the WORST record in baseball EVER beat the TEXAS RANGERS last night!!!!!!!!  GO 'STROS!!!!! We are very proud of them and are looking forward to an awesome season.

Last night at Minute Maid Park, Houston Texans #99 threw out the first pitch. Now I am not a Texans fan by any means but J.J. Watt really comes across as a great guy. It is players like him that make me want to root for a team. So even though I am all like GO COLTS!!! Great job on the first pitch J.J.!!!!

I reviewed Consequences on the ADULTS ONLY page of our blog. You can get to that by clicking on the tab at the top of our page. We felt like we should move adult content over just in case we have any younger viewers.  :)  So definitely check out that review. I am really glad I stuck it out for that book. I will read the follow up this week AFTER...


Jamie McGuire will be here in HOUSTON (or Katy but same thing) on WEDNESDAY, April 3!!!!  Darra and I will be at the book signing. If you are in Houston go like Jamie's facebook page (Jamie's Facebook) and join the should be SOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, do it.  If you aren't in Houston we will definitely post about it on Thursday!!! 

We need a REREAD WEEK!!!!

Darra and I are going to read Walking Disaster this week and probably follow it up with Truth by Aleatha Romig (sequel to Consequences). After that we are thinking next week will be a reread week. We do this every now and then so that we stay close to book boyfriends of the past: Jericho, Damien, Braden, Simon, Heller, Caleb, Finn, Christian MacKeltar, Henry, Garrick, Cage, Gage, Holder, Chase...the list can go on and on!!! Darra is going to go back to Wallbanger and Heller...both AWESOME!!! I think I am going to go with On Dublin Street and Wallbanger.


We are planning on doing a giveaway this weekend so keep a look out for it...Hopefully you will like it!!!!
I think that is all that is going this week...hope you have a great one :)


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